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What You Should Know About Purchasing a Home With a Dock

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For boaters, buying a home with a dock can be a dream come true. Of course, it also comes with some responsibilities. There are a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing a home with a dock, including the recommended maintenance.

Docks Can Be Open Access, Shared, or Private

Docks, often referred to as piers, can sometimes be sold with easements. Your pier may not be exclusively yours. Some piers have to be open access or shared, especially if you're a part of the HOA. There may only be 50 properties with piers or slips while there are 500 properties in the community.

Finding out whether you're on a community or private waterfront is important, as it controls who is responsible for the pier. You may prefer to have a community waterfront, as you'll still have easy access to the pier but you won't be responsible for maintaining it.

On the other hand, if you have a complete private pier, it's going to be up to you to do the repairs and maintenance necessary. It'll be important for you to find out more about having a waterfront property.

It's Possible to Damage Your New Dock

Before you get started cleaning up your new property, you should be aware that maintaining a dock incorrectly could cause significant damage. Homeowners can damage their pier or dock simply by pressure washing it - if they turn the pressure washer on too high or use the wrong attachment. 

Nevertheless, homeowners will need to clean their docks annually and inspect it regularly for necessary repairs. A professional can show you the right way to complete this maintenance without the potential for damage. 

A Dock Will Need Regular Maintenance

Apart from the cleaning, docks frequently need some parts to be replaced, such as slats. Docks are under a lot of structural stress. Over time, a wood dock will splinter, rot, and break apart. It can become dangerous if it's not maintained.

Metal parts that are used on the dock (such as nails, bolts, and nuts) will sometimes need to be replaced due to corrosion. If the dock frame becomes loose, then the pillars beneath the dock may need to be replaced. 

It's Not Always Possible to Add a Dock

What if you want a dock but the property that you're looking at doesn't have one? You shouldn't assume that you can just add a dock to any waterfront home. A dock isn't like a fence - you need special permission and permits to build one.

Residential docks are only permitted in certain areas, and you'll need to contact a state agency to determine whether your property can have a dock. If docks aren't permitted in that area, there is no way you can have a dock built.

Docks Add Value to a Home

Due to the fact that docks can't always be added to a property, docks can add tremendous value to a home. If you're comparing similar homes, one with a dock and one without, then you may want to consider the amount of value dock adds to the property. This is going to add value and desirability if you ever decide to resell your home.

Of course, your dock is going to need to be properly maintained if it's going to retain its value. If you aren't able to properly maintain and repair your dock, then it may not be as valuable to you.

Whether your pier is shared or not, you're going to need to maintain it. For more information about what's involved in general maintenance and repair, contact our expert team at Construction Remediation Solutions.