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4 Ways to Maximize Your Boat House Use

Boat house

Do you need a boat house? This could be a chance to design a building that will not only provide adequate housing for your nautical investment, but that could also bring a new dimension to your outdoor fun. How? Check out these four ideas to take your boat house to the next level.

1. Include Guest Quarters

Do you lack space inside your home for visitors or the grand kids? Why not create a guest suite within the second story of the boat house? A guest house above the boat dock area has the advantage of giving your guests a private area that's still within comfortable walking distance of the main home.

You can make it as large or as small as your budget and dock allow for. It can be as simple as a bedroom with an attached bath or a full guest house with a kitchenette and sitting room.

Looking for some spare income? Then renting out the boat house guest accommodations could be a simple way to do so. You can rent out the space and still not have strangers invading your main house.

2. Bring the Fun Inside

If you have space for it, your boat house could expand to provide plenty of space inside for having fun and relaxing. Even a small boat dock can generally accommodate at least a little covered space for a few chairs, a sofa, or a quiet haven.

Have more room to work with? Turn the boat house into a full-on retreat for either the ladies or the gentlemen - or both! You could wire it to create a fun home theater or room to enjoy the game. Or you could fill it with crafts and hobbies to get away once in a while. Need an office to work in peace away from the family? Your boat house could be your chance.

3. Add Dockside Entertainment

Build out the deck around the boat house itself. This can be a good way to expand your boat house without incurring all the costs of an indoor entertainment center. Add deck space beside or around the boat covering so that you and your family can enjoy the sun and waves.

The outdoor deck area could be the perfect place for swimming and tanning afterwards. Be sure to include some shade and a few fans to cool off in the warm southern summers. If you have space, you could build in a fire feature or even a fun waterfall into the lake or riverside.

4. Add a Second Level

Enjoy afternoons in the sun by the water or evenings under the stars? Then make use of your boat house roof. Even a small boat house could provide a great entertainment space by utilizing the roof as a deck. All you need is a solid roof structure and a set of stairs. Spiral or switchback staircases keep the space needs to a minimum.

Use the upper deck to add a fire pit and conversation area or install a full dining area with a fire table and counters or cabinets for serving from. Depending on the levels of your dock and surrounding ground, you may even be able to add a walkway from the lake or river front so that guests don't have to climb the stairs to enjoy the view.

What type of boat house addition would make your home even more fun for you and your family? What will help you take advantage of all the joys of lakeside or coastal living? The options are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Get started today with a consultation at Construction Remediation Solutions. We can help you turn your ideas into a wonderful reality.